Content Policy

Don’t add telephone number or URL in bookmark or title. No BIG LETTERS anywhere. Minimum 30 words.

Content Guidelines:

  • We prohibit content related to drugs, gambling, adult themes, and anything requiring an age limit of 18+.
  • Avoid spam, false promotions, counterfeit offers, and duplicated URLs or content.
  • Do not post copyrighted materials, including images, videos, or any other content.
  • Titles should be between 30 to 100 characters and free from irrelevant data.
  • Descriptions should range from 250 to 2000 characters without any filler or irrelevant information.
  • Tags should be under 50 characters and not contain irrelevant data.
  • Refrain from posting repetitive, non-targeted, unauthorized, or non-English content.
  • Do not misdirect viewers with false promises or lead them to external sites.
  • Promoting services that artificially boost views or subscribers is prohibited.
  • Avoid posting comments that are repetitive, untargeted, or identical in nature.
  • Misleading content related to census participation or voting is not allowed.
  • Do not use deceptive titles, thumbnails, descriptions, or tags.
  • Content that has been manipulated to deceive users is not permitted.
  • Avoid promoting “get rich quick” schemes, pyramid structures, or offering cash gifts.
  • Do not direct traffic off this site with promises of quick money.
  • Avoid linking to malicious sites or those that gather personal data.
  • Misleading content about political candidates’ eligibility based on national laws is prohibited.
  • Selling or promoting engagement metrics (views, likes, comments) is not allowed.
  • Comments should not gather personal info, mislead viewers, or violate our guidelines.
  • Monitor your live streams; using someone else’s content without correction is not allowed.

This policy covers posts, usernames, meta-data, tags, comments, and all content on this site. Note: This is not an exhaustive list.

Unacceptable content on our site

– Racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;

– Harasses or advocates harassment of another person;

– Violent content, content related to racial intolerance or advocacy against any individual, group or organization

– Pornography, adult or mature content, adult dating- False information or misleading or promotes illegal activities or conduct that’s abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous;

– Illegal or unauthorized copy of another person’s copyrighted work, such as for instance providing pirated computer programs, pirated music, etc.

– Excessive profanity

– Hacking/cracking content

– Gambling, poker, casino-related content

– Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content

– Sales of beer or hard alcohol

– Sales of tobacco or tobacco-related, e-cigarettes products

– Sales of prescription drugs

– Sales of weapons or ammunition (e.g. firearms, firearm components, fighting knives, stun guns)

– Sales of products which can be replicas or imitations of designer and other goods

– Sales or distribution of coursework or student essays

– Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites or reading emails
– Astrology, numerology, tarot, psychic reading, etc
– abortion services, abortion drugs, egg donations

– Scam sites including: technical support, windows support, printer support sites, fake facebook pages etc

Consequences for Policy Violation:

  • Breaching these guidelines may result in account and data deletion.
  • Policy breaches may be deemed a code of ethics violation and be referred to our review board.
  • If you received an unsolicited email from us or suspect spam, please reach out.
  • Legal actions may be taken against violators, and accounts may be terminated without notice.